Exceeding Expectations with Engineering Project Management and Quality Control Processes

Completing projects on schedule, safely and to budget while delivering the quality and performance expected demands excellent tools and processes, a lot of experience and attention to detail. It’s an activity where we believe Lindsayca excels.

Our engineering project management processes and expertise let us give clients the results and service they expect and need. Whether the project involves design, fabrication, construction or procurement—separately or together—our project teams and disciplines ensure expectations are exceeded.

Our project management capabilities are also available to clients directly. We manage industrial and national infrastructure projects as well as projects for the oil and gas industry. This is why we consider project management as one of our core services.

Formal, Defined Processes and Tools

Meeting schedule, budget and quality while keeping everyone safe doesn’t happen by chance. Requirements must be defined, processes adhered to, and costs and activities tracked. Change control systems manage the impact of scope creep and project quality management disciplines ensure adequate oversight. When you partner with us, you’ll see the attention to detail we bring to project management.

Managing Risk

Risk is part of every project. We understand that and we plan for it, to minimize the impact of the unexpected. We’ve built risk quantification into our project management processes and develop contingency plans that help us stay on track in a dynamic, fast-changing environment.

Project Quality Management

We believe quality is built in to a project at the start. We emphasize requirements definition, change control and stakeholder management in our planning processes, and then monitor continuously to ensure we’re on track.

Our project teams are flexible, agile and responsive. If a client needs a change or there’s an opportunity to achieve better results, our people adjust and adapt accordingly.

Ask Us How to Get Better Project Management Results

Managing projects involves far more than producing a Gantt chart. Our professional project managers follow formal systems to ensure we deliver the quality, cost and schedule-adherence clients expect. We apply these disciplines to our projects and we can bring them to bear on yours.

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