Simplifying Your Business by Providing EPC, Fabrication, Maintenance, Project Management and Contracting and Finance Services, All from a Single Source

Running your business is hard enough. Why make it more complicated by dealing with multiple vendors? As the leading oil and gas industry EPC provider, Lindsayca offers a single source for fully integrated services.

We’re staffed by industry veterans with expert oil and gas knowledge. We handle Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction (EPC) for clients around the world. We provide support for operations and maintenance activities, helping lower costs while improving performance, and we’re project management experts. We bring these PM skills to our own projects but they’re also available as a service to our clients. And when it comes to large projects, we also offer a contracting and finance service.

Agile, Responsive Teamwork

We offer our services individually or as an integrated solution. We form teams based on client needs so as to bring together the expertise needed for that specific challenge or opportunity. There’s no standard solution: every client and project is different and we respond to suit. Best of all, our integration removes any functional barriers that could compromise your next project.

Let's Talk About Your Needs

We’re very focused on the oil and gas industry; that’s the source of our deep expertise. But we also understand that clients don’t have time to work with multiple vendors or deal with the resulting communication problems. That’s why we offer a service that integrates EPC with fabrication, operations and maintenance, project management and financing. It keeps things simpler and leads to a faster, higher quality result.

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