Supporting Your Operations With World Class Oil and Gas Transportation Management Practices

Keeping our delivery promises is at the heart of the EPC services we provide. We know it’s not enough to supply quality parts, assemblies and systems; they have to arrive where you need them, when you need them or downtime costs will skyrocket. At Lindsayca our project supply chain management systems and expertise together ensure you get the service you expect and need to keep your operations running.

A Global Team

We know the importance of reliability. That’s why we’re very selective as to the service providers we work with. We look for those with multimodal transportation capabilities so we can move your parts quickly and efficiently, without hand-off delays or excess bureaucracy. Our project supply chain management expertise is global, and that includes delivery to both onshore and offshore facilities. We only partner with transportation providers organizations we can trust, because that’s how we earn your trust.

Updates as Often as You Need

When you’ve got a complex project underway, it’s essential every component and assembly arrives exactly when you need it. (And we understand that sometimes early is as bad as late!) That’s why we use advanced logistics tools in our supply chain operation. We’re able to monitor shipment status in real-time throughout our entire multimodal transportation network. Armed with that information, we’ll provide updates as often as you need so that you know everything is on track. And should circumstances change, as they do sometimes, we have the agility to adjust and adapt to keep your project on schedule.

Supply Chain Support for Procurement

At Lindsayca, we understand that downtime is much more than an inconvenience in the oil and gas industry. Lost production is lost revenue, which is why you can’t afford to be kept waiting. Our logistics services are designed and packaged to eliminate the stress and drama of uncertainty. When you trust us to deliver your equipment anywhere in the world, we make sure it arrives exactly when you need it.

Learn More about Our Logistics Services and Capabilities

By following best practices in O&G transportation management, we ensure your shipments occur just as you expect. That means you experience less stress and more peace-of-mind.

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