Managing costs and improving performance with sustainable, data-driven procurement practices and support

Oil and gas companies spend massive sums on goods and services, and unrealized opportunities for cost saving abound. Our data-driven procurement processes—along with vendor management services and supply chain optimization—attack these costs while improving business performance.

The Lindsayca Approach to Procurement

Procurement strategies should always focus on total costs. That means considering every aspect of the supply chain, from vendor selection and management to transportation and inventory size and location.

Our approach is based on data-driven procurement. We believe decisions should be taken based on facts and numbers, but also with a view to building strong relationships with dependable vendors. We seek to apply sustainable procurement practices and place great emphasis on supply chain integrity.

Building Vendor Relationships

Honesty and dependability are critical to long-term success. That’s why we invest energy in building and maintaining relationships with our global vendor network. Those we work with are expected to share our values and belief in the importance of integrity. They must share in our passion for safety and follow environmental best practices.

Data-Driven Procurement

Purchasing and inventory management systems are awash with often underutilized data. Our state-of-the-art ERP systems mine those numbers for valuable information on inventory, costs and vendor performance. Once armed with these insights, we’re able to identify opportunities to save money, while ensuring operations have what they need. The goal is to have only the necessary inventory, in the right places, when it’s needed.

Supply Chain Integrity Services

When it comes to safety and environmental concerns, the oil and gas industry is never out of the spotlight. Counterfeiting is a global problem and substandard equipment can possibly lead to catastrophic failures. Likewise, it’s important to know vendors are environmentally responsible.

Only by knowing the origins of every purchased item can problems and bad press be avoided. That’s why we offer a range of supply chain integrity services. Our industry-wide knowledge and expertise lets us research, investigate and report to help you minimize risks.

Learn More About How We Can Support Your Procurement Activity

When you spend huge sums on purchased goods and services, it is essential to manage that activity carefully. At Lindsayca, we offer a range of purchasing support and vendor management services, structured to help you minimize costs while maximizing operational performance.

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