Reducing Risks and Downtime through Best-Practice Performance Management

Equipment failure and unplanned downtime costs the oil and gas industry billions of dollars every year. In this environment, companies must make every effort to maximize performance from their maintenance and operations functions.

Lindsayca offers a suite of services to help oil and gas companies optimize maintenance activities. These range from simple labor performance management to competency assurance management and risk assessment and risk mitigation. Bringing years of industry experience to bear, Lindsayca can help drive down the costs associated with maintenance, while improving equipment reliability and performance.

Reducing Downtime

Time-based planned maintenance schedules are still used by many oil and gas companies. While better than no maintenance, they take little account of usage and service life and may lead to unexpected failure. With decades of experience in maintaining complex process equipment, we can help implement advanced monitoring and predictive systems to drive down failure rates and improve uptime.

When equipment goes down, it’s essential to minimize MTTR. Our proven approach to performance management drives out waste and inefficiency, and helps get equipment back in service quickly.

Managing Competency

Modern oil and gas process facilities comprise a complex mix of fluid handling, control systems and instrumentation. Maintenance skills quickly go out of date and ongoing training is essential. With our competency assurance management services, we can help identify weaknesses and put together development programs. Together we can help your people achieve world-class levels of operational performance.

Risk Management Services

Breakdowns and failures can have sudden, and catastrophic, consequences. To avoid safety and environmental problems, plus the attendant negative publicity, facility operators must identify risks and develop mitigation plans.

At Lindsayca, our people have deep and broad oil and gas operations experience. This makes them well qualified to lead formal risk assessment and risk mitigation efforts that reduce your company’s exposure.

Ensuring HSE/Regulatory Compliance

Ours is a tightly regulated industry and compliance is not optional. Most facility operators however want to do more than the legal minimum; they understand that running a safe, environmentally responsible operation is more than just a matter of ethics and morals, it’s good business too.

The industry experts here at Lindsayca are well-versed in the minutiae of operational responsibilities. They understand the constraints you must work within and can help you verify your compliance with all applicable rules. They’ll even help identify opportunities to do better so your performance metrics can continue to improve.

Next Steps

In today’s fast-changing world, running the modern, complex oil and gas process facility challenges even the most seasoned industry veterans. Lindsayca can help you maximize operational effectiveness while reducing the risks and consequences of unplanned downtime.

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